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The Aquarium at Moody Gardens
Galveston, TX

The Aquarium at Moody Gardens is the largest aquarium facility in the Southwest. It is part of a complex of visitor attractions at Moody Gardens including the Space and Rainforest Pyramids, also designed by BIOS. The Aquarium features four oceanic habitats - the North Pacific, with seals, sea lions, kelp and seabirds; the South Pacific reef and lagoon; the Antarctic penguin colony, and a tropical Caribbean reef and shark exhibit featuring two tunnel entries, a central acrylic viewing room, and “invisible” tank walls.
BIOS did the master planning, operational and animal facility planning and overall facility design, including the building program and space planning. Our work included full exhibit design, habitat and animal management facility design and management of the exhibit fabrication and installation.

The Moody Foundation
$44 million

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