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Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Exhibit Remodel
Mount Vernon , WA

Newly updated aquatic and interpretive exhibits invoke visitor interaction and bring life to the eelgrass and mudflat habitats found in the Puget Sound Padilla Bay Estuary. The remodel includes a new Eelgrass Immersion walk-through tunnel aquatic exhibit with a mechanical surge system, an Island Rocky Shore aquatic exhibit with a tidal change system, a series of smaller estuary-habitat cylindrical aquatic exhibits, interactive audio-video kiosks, interpretive signage, graphics and murals, central and localized saltwater life support building remodel.

BIOS design-built the building remodel and exhibits, and provided the graphics and AV production services.

State of WA Dept. of Ecology & PBNER
Exhibit Cost:
$1 million

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