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Walterboro Great Swamp Sanctuary
Walterboro, SC

The Great Swamp Nature Center will include aquatic interpretive exhibits including terrestrial reptiles and mammal exhibits, aquatic pools with multi-species fishes found in the swamp, an alligator and snapping turtle pool and a river otter habitat. Outside is an overlook and bridge that provides views into new raptor and migratory fowl exhibits and continues with two miles of elevated walkways and trails through the swamp with interpretive exhibits. Special water features at the visitor center aquatic exhibits allow the visitor to experience the water level changes for the “Three Seasons of the Swamp” with low water levels experienced during the drought to flooded stages. Theatrical audio and lighting effects are choreographed into the water features to support the “Three Seasons of the Swamp Message.” BIOS is providing complete exhibit design build services including the graphics and audio-visual production.

City of Walterboro
Exhibit Cost:
$2 million

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