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Singapore Zoo Wildlife River Safari

The Singapore Zoo River Safari Adventure will take you on extraordinary expeditions through many distinctive river realms, beginning with a groundbreaking interactive exhibit highlighting four of the world’s greatest rivers. Along the way, you’ll experience fascinating creatures and unique cultures as you explore an exceptional collection of attractions, exhibits, restaurants and shops. Each adventure is designed to reveal the vital role of water in human and animal habitats. Tying it all together is a thematic overlay of sparkling streams, waterfalls, ponds, fountains and picturesque bridges. This immersive aquascape is not only beautiful; it is an engaging reminder of the importance of water in every ecosystem, connecting all plants, animals and human cultures. From a heart-pounding river raft ride in search of the elusive tiger to a voyage through a flooded temple to unlock the mysteries of the Nile, it’s a journey of discovery that’s fresh, adventurous and uniquely personal.

Singapore Wildlife Reserves
$58 million (USD)

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