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North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
Kure Beach, North Carolina

BIOS provided the overall programming, aquarium concept and exhibit design for the renovation of the North Carolina Aquariums. All of these facilities are similar in size: 65,000 square feet with a full time staff of 25, but each has been designed with a different mission and storyline.
The Roanoke Island Aquarium focuses on the marine life of the Outer Banks. The Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium displays the freshwater and saltwater habitats from the North Carolina mountains to the sounds.
The Fort Fisher Aquarium displays the flora and fauna of the freshwater and saltwater environments found around the Cape Fear River water shed and shoals.

NC Dept of Natural Resources
$16.5 million for each project
Roanoke Island - 2001
Fort Fisher - 2002
Pine Knoll Shores - TBD

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