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The Oregon Coast Aquarium - Passages of the Deep
Newport, OR

Passages of the Deep is a unique exhibit that recreates three offshore Oregon habitats within a large tank originally built to house Keiko the orca. The facility was reconfigured with a visitor pathway through 200 feet of acrylic tunnels suspended in the center of the deep habitat exhibits. The exhibits represent Orford Reef - a rocky near shore kelp forest; Halibut Flats - an offshore bank with a shipwreck and sandy sea floor and the Open Sea, a dimly lit shark and tuna exhibit.

BIOS provided the overall concept, habitat landscape design, general consulting services and the graphics and information systems. This exhibit represents an economical recycling and reuse of an existing facility that provides a stunning visitor experience.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium
$6.3 million renovation
$7.5 million original facility

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