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The Oregon Coast Aquarium
Newport, OR

BIOS has been working with the Oregon Coast Aquarium since 1987, beginning with the development of the concept, feasibility and site analysis, operations outline, preliminary design and animal inventory and design of the exhibits.

BIOS developed the master plan that specifically covers the ecology and natural history of the region. The design for this facility integrates landscape, architecture and exhibitry to recreate a visit to the Oregon Coast. The master plan outlined the process and goals in great detail and set guidelines for the institution’s growth and development. BIOS has continued to work with the Oregon Coast Aquarium, designing and developing exhibits such as Pacific Salmon, FROGS - Clues to Survival, Jellies - Jewels of the Sea, The 2000 Master Plan and the renovation of the Keiko tank into Passages of the Deep.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium
$28 million original facility
$3.5 million changing exhibits

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