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Seattle Aquarium - Pier 59 Redevelopment
Seattle, WA

The Pier 59 Expansion at the Seattle Aquarium included a new pier and shell replacement, new interior and exhibit improvements with a new 120,000 gallon “Window on Washington Waters” aquatic exhibit and a “Crashing Waves” aquatic exhibit with a 40 foot long wave. Both exhibits provide immersive underwater views to with large acrylic view windows. These exhibits also provide special aquatic effects with massive water surges and waves that create dynamic life at each water change. Custom diver/docent controlled theatrical under-and above-water lighting allows the Staff to develop programs that can focus on featured items within the aquatic exhibits. To encourage zonal propagation of the fishes and invertebrates, custom in-tank plumbing utilizing many controlled water supply laterals with jets and inlets were installed. BIOS provided planning, design and construction administration services.

Seattle Aquarium Society
Exhibit Cost:
$5.5 Million

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